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A page that compiles your articles or items for sale. This page will display your store items with a template of an eCommerce page, including a picture, title, SKU, price, and description for each item.


The Store or eCommerce Page is where your store is located for those who are selling products, it could be adjusted for many types of businesses and displays. It may include sale prices. The maximum depends on the size of each item displayed, but due to timing restrictions 16 allows for the cost of the price of the page, more items can be negotiated depending on the time and labor costs of building the page. Additional items may also be built on separate pages, each page priced at value, however, a discount may be given on 5 or more pages on a single order. The page is completed with the contribution of photographs specific for the items and full inventory details (item number, cost, description, title, etc.).

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