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Meet Ana Rivas

     Ana has been building creative websites for the past decade. Ana started her professional life working for several international organizations, providing office support, and during her free time, she started learning about HTML and how to build websites but put all that creativity on the back burner for a few years. She started an online marketing business when technology was rapidly evolving, three years after the launch of the first iPhone (the device that transformed our lives).

     Fast forward to today, Ana earned a Bachelor of Science in Information System Management and has experience building websites with WordPress and responsive HTML/CSS tools.

     Ana believes businesses need to strengthen and increase their online internet and marketing visibility, and the best way to do it is with good content management that covers social media, videos, posts, blogs, and linking with other websites when possible.

     Ana is ready to help small businesses transition smoothly to the cloud technology that drives businesses today.

A bit of history

Biz Ventura Marketing started out simply from the desire to learn how to use online marketing strategically. The first projects were building websites with creative design and implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for small businesses without internet presence.

Technology has leaped exponentially since 2012, when there was little talk about cloud technology.

Today, it is indispensable in all areas of business and our personal lives. Biz Ventura Marketing aims to help those small businesses that have struggled to transition from paper to digital/online marketing.

Biz Ventura Marketing can help design a website that directly addresses customer preferences.

Specialties building creative websites

  • I’ll create a website for your business, optimize keywords, and strategize marketing visuals and blogs.
  • I can offer services to develop greater visibility through listings and directories and with Google Analytics, identify areas of the website that are working, and improve on those that need it to grow your business.
  • As a business owner, you can use these easily implemented strategies, a must for a company’s survival in this age of technology.
  • Services are offered at a low cost within a basic marketing budget.
  • In addition, I work very closely with a UI/UX Graphic Designer who provides consulting services for anyone with specific questions or who would benefit from branding recommendations and services.

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Ana Rivas, Founder