Marketing budget

November 9, 2023 Ana Rivas OK, you want a website, but you wonder how will you pay for it? Granted, business owners are working hard to meet their daily quota. There are bills to be paid, and a website is the least of their priorities until they realize the return on investment could improve their […]

Cost of a website

Biz Ventura Marketing shows a Google keyword search

November 9, 2023 Ana Rivas So, how much does a website cost? Photo by cottonbro studio: It is widely known that a website could cost between $2,000 and $10,000; what needs to be clarified to many small businesses is the elements that go into building a website and its long-term benefits. Several studies have shown […]

Why you need a website

Woman on a laptop viewing merchandise

The 2020 pandemic shook all businesses to the core, but small businesses suffered the most. In the webinar titled “A Coronavirus Briefing with MIT” on March 16, 2020, the host, Randall Wright started his speech by acknowledging that the COVID-19 pandemic “is first and foremost a human tragedy” (MIT, 2020). Undoubtedly, the Coronavirus pandemic impacted […]